A possible future for a personal collection.

Our four-person team was introduced to Barbara Luderowski and Michael Olijnyk at their home, a condiminium occupying an entire floor of their contemporary art museum the Mattress Factory. Along with this introduction we were given a tour of their personal collection of art and rare objects which occupies much of their apartment. We soon learned that it would be our job to devise a future for their unique collection.

After learning more about the collection and about Barbara and Michael we set to work discussing how we could begin to address the situation. Our team came to the conclusion that the true appeal of the collection is the way that it has actually become Barbara and Michael's home. Our concept, HindSight, was designed to preserve this unique relationship while still allowing others to enjoy the collection.

Diagram of the HindSight system.Utilizing video media, and multiple technologies to triangulate the wearer's gaze, HindSight replays Barbara and Michael's stories about their collection onto the collection itself. As interesting as the collections themselves are, their true beauty is the meaning they have for their owners. The true future of the collection is in preserving this connection.

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Individual Contribution

Concept Generation, Illustration and Information Graphics, Video Post Production, and Identity.


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