Connected to Me

Addressing chronic care beyond the clinic.

A service design project sponsored by the Mayo Clinic and Continuum.

Our team of five was tasked with helping the Mayo Clinic rethink how care can be coordinated in primary care settings. We chose to focus on improving coordination of chronic care, viewing chronically ill patients as extreme users of the healthcare system.

CTM System Diagram Our concept, the CTM system, coordinates care using a mobile device and social support groups. The device provides individuals constant access to their health status along with a constant connection to other patients. By focusing on the patients' ability to see and share their daily decisions, the CTM system highlights the connection between everyday choices and health outcomes.

Download the Full Project Documentation (PDF 2.3MB)

Individual Contribution

Primary and Secondary Research, Concept Generation, Illustration, and Animation.


  • Tim Cheung
  • Ali Garrity
  • Richard Ram
  • Ruqian Zhou

Project Details